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Shadow Game - Cinema for Change

Many documentaries raise awareness of burning and diverse issues, including communities and social phenomena that are not properly represented in the public and social debate. Through empathetic and debatable stories, public opinion can be changed, social behaviors and public policies can be influenced and thereby the documentaries can be transformed into real social change generators.

At the end of the screening of "Shadow Game", we will have a discussion with the film's directors, Eefje Blankevoort and Els van Driel, about how to motivate the audience watching the film to leave the screening wanting to make a difference in real life, and not just leave it on screen. The directors will talk about the work process, from the research stage, to the complexity of the filming, and about recruiting partners, to the present day, when the film travels around the world and generates real change.

The talk will be in English, the event is in collaboration with CoPro.

14.12 | 8:30 pm | Cinematheque 3

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Shadow Game is a mosaic story in which the experiences of many young refugees on the road are forged together into one universal tale: a modern Odyssey. Will they overcome the numerous obstacles they face? And will they find a new home?