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International Films

No Place for You in Our Town

Bulgaria, 2022, 81 min


Nikolay Stefanov

Language & Subtitles:

Bulgarian; subtitles in Hebrew and English

Ralitsa Golemanova



CPH:DOX, Visions du Réel, Movies that Matter, Dok.fest Munich, Doc Cevennes, Krakow Film Festival, Sheffield DocFest, Sarajevo, Sofia Documental, Astra


Mon. 5.12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 1

Fri. 9.12 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 2

A documentary that follows different moments in the lives of three hooligan football fans, who will do anything to support their team in the mining town of Pernik, located far from the center - on the outskirts of Bulgaria, at the outskirts of Europe. A violent and racist fan, the leader of the group of rough diehard fans, and the only woman in the group – all experience exciting and hair-raising moments together on the bleachers. The film documents their candid confessions, and the decline of a city that was one of the most prosperous industrial centers in Bulgaria in those distant days of the twentieth century.

Economic forces, social struggles, and ideological currents – all sweep the lives of the film's protagonists in the stormy bleachers.

9.12.22 | Screening and Conversation

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