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International Films

The Narrow Bridge

Australia, 2021, 80 min


Esther Takac

Language & Subtitles:

English, Arabic, Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew and Arabic

Esther Takac
Uri Mizrahi, Rosie Jones



Melbourne Jewish International Film Festival
Audience Award for Best Documentary at the 42 San Francisco Jewish Film Festival The Jewish International Film Festival


Sat. 3.12 | 16:30 | Cinematheque 4

Bushra, Rami, Meital and Bassam lost close family members – their children or parents – and joined the long list of victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. Each of them carries with them a severe trauma, but they all choose to channel it into personal change and activism for the greater good. The four of them join the "The Parents Circle-Families Forum", an organization that brings together bereaved families from both sides of the fence in the fight to end the conflict, and for achieving a better future based on respect and equality.

Their joint activity causes controversy and condemnation from all sides, but they refuse to give it up. The film charts a journey of hope amid unbearable pain, while illuminating a unique path to personal and social change.

Screening and Conversation with the Film's Participants and The Parents Circle – Families Forum

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