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International Films

The New Greatness Case

Finland, Norway, Croatia, 2022, 92 min


Anna Shishova

Language & Subtitles:

Russian; subtitles in Hebrew and English

Vlad Ketovich, Iikka Vehkalahti, Siniša Juričić, Torstein Grude



New York Human Rights Film Festival, Sheffield DocFest, Haugesund, Dokufest (Special Mention), Zurich (Special Mention), IDFA


Thur. 1.12 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 3

Sat. 3.12 | 19:15 | Cinematheque 2

Anna is a 17-year-old girl who loves animals and likes to talk about ecology and politics. One day she enters an internet chat with other young people her age. They begin to meet and talk about life in their country, but in today's Russia such conversations are no simple matter.

A secret agent from Vladimir Putin's brutal intelligence forces infiltrates the chat. Soon, Anna and her friends find themselves behind bars, under a draconian indictment on charges of subversion and incitement. The film follows Anna and her family trying to cope with the cold-hearted fate of a regime, for which even the mere desire of young people to feel free constitutes a threat.

1.12.22 | Festival's Opening Night and a Screening of The New Greatness Case with the Film's Director Annd Shishove

3.12.22 | The screening will be followed by a conversation between Prof. Dan Geva and the filmmaker, Anna Shishova, followed by a panel discussion organized in collaboration with 'The Association for Civil Rights in Israel'

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