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International Films


Iceland, 2022, 88 min


Álfrún Örnólfsdóttir

Language & Subtitles:

Icelandic; subtitles in Hebrew and English

Þórdur Bragi Jónsson, Heather Millard



Hot Docs, Chicago, Haugesund, Gimli


Sat. 10.12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 4

The band at the center of this docu-fiction film is a young female group in search of elusive success. The members of the band do not go on concert tours in large stadiums, and are forced to perform in front of a limited audience in a small club. A moment before turning forty, after divorces and separations, they decide to set themselves an ultimatum: become stars within a year, or disband the band and retire from the world of music.

In the field of pop, ageism towards women is a universal issue. The film follows the attempts of the three members of the failed Icelandic band to fill concert halls, and to find their own formula for combining art, femininity and career. Between failure and failure, the members of the band get into funny, strange and ridiculous situations, and learn a thing or two about music, self-love and life.

10.12.22 | Screening and Conversation about Music and Women Rights

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