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International Films


Great Britain, 2022, 91 min


Alison Millar

Language & Subtitles:

English; subtitles in Hebrew

Alison Millar, Jackie Doyle



Sheffield DocFest (Tim Hetherington Award), Cork International Film Festival, Giffoni, Achill Island


Tue. 6.12 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 1

Sat. 10.12 | 12:15 | Cinematheque 2

With deep roots in the working class of war-torn Belfast, Lyra McKee became a nationally renowned investigative journalist. She did not cease to expose the consequences of the conflict days in Northern Ireland and demanded a proper response to the crimes that were forgotten after the peace agreement. Her life was cut short in 2019, when she was murdered during riots by members of the IRA organization opposing the Good Friday Agreement.

Director Alison Miller, McKee's best friend, used her recordings and interviews with her family members to create a moving and touching film that brings Lyra McKee's story to the screen in her own words.

6.12.22 | Screening and Conversation with 'Mekomit' Magazine and Hagar Shezaf, Hulud Masalha and Oren Ziv. Host: Meron Rapoport

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