Features Competition

מועדי הקרנה:

Thur. 9/12 | 19:00 | Cinematheque



Mon. 13/12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque

Israel, 2021, 45 min.

Hebrew, Heb. and Eng. Sub.

Dir. Adina Noga Katriel

Stains tell the story of Adina, a dark-skinned young woman looking for love in an uncompromising world. She embarks on a journey to define her identity while her skin color changes due to the Vitiligo disease. During the film she meets Boaz, an Ethiopian widower, whose skin color has changed completely to white due to the same disease. Both face the question of who they are when the disease recurs or recedes and forces them to choose skin color and identity in search of love and acceptance.