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Awards and Juries

Israeli Competition

Feature Film Competition

Best Feature Film

These Woods

Directors: Ronen Zaretsky, Yael Kipper | Producers: Ronen Zaretsky, Yael Kipper

Jury Statement

A cinematic work that deals with an important and forgotten issue - workfare of the fifties and sixties - the employment solution that the young state offered to the new immigrants who came to it after its establishment. Although the filmmakers have decided not to address the social and economic context of these days, it is of great importance to actually bring up the subject and the original cinematic language in which the film deals with it, emphasizing the agonizing and traumatic nature of the experience of workfare.

The meticulous and expressive cinematography, the invested research work, the believable acting together with the authentic combination of languages ​​of origin - Hebrew, Mughrabi (Arabic-Moroccan), Arabic and French are all mixed in the film - and characterize its protagonists, all give the viewer a powerful and meaningful experience, as well as food for thought.

Short Film Competition

Honorable Mention


Director: Claudio Steinberg | Producers: David Fisher

Jury Statement

A unique, honest and intimate point of view of a father expecting a grandchild. The birth of the grandson breeds family solidarity and inspires hope in the ability to get closer and bridge intergenerational and ideological gaps and outdated perceptions.

Student Film Competition

Honorable Mention

I'm With Her

Director: Shani Beradt | Producer: Shani Beradt

Jury Statement

The filmmaker chose to focus on the horrific testimony of Warda Abu-Hadid, the therapist of Iyad al-Halak. This testimony indicates, on the one hand, an unusually painful moment of solidarity and humanity between a caregiver and her protégé. And, on the other hand, the lack of compassion of the Israeli public in the face of the crimes committed in its name.

Short Film Competition

Best Short Film


Director: Maya Armon | Producer: Natalie Melamed

Jury Statement

This film opens before us with modesty and minimalism a window into the complex world of an older sister who has the task of caring for her younger brother. The film observes a complex life situation with a penetrating, poignant and clear-eyed look.

Student Film Competition

Best Student Film


Director: Yael Nudelman | Producer: Yael Nudelman

Jury Statement

The filmmaker returns to the sexual harassment she went through disturbing interviews with her friends at the time, who break down the concept of "solidarity" into factors. Observing the past from the perspective of the present clarifies how much the event shook the group of young people and triggered a process of disillusionment. Now, the film expands the ripples, and calls on us viewers as well: Do not stand aside.

International Competition

Fiction Film Competition

Best Fiction Film

107 Mothers

Director: Peter Kerekes | Producers: Peter Kerekes, Ivan Ostrochovský, Ivana Kurincová, Jiří Konečný, Denis Ivanov, Vít Klusák, Filip Remunda

Jury Statement

Peter Kerekes's film moves on the border between documentary and plot, the plot axis is based on research and true stories and follows a group of inmates and one warden, murderous women who become mothers in prison. The cast consists of unprofessional actresses and well-known actresses who all move on a plot axis and produce authenticity and mesmerizing emotional power.

In a grim and frozen brutal reality, an unusual human fabric is revealed and breaks stereotypes. The warden who begins the film as a cruel and tough character whose control and conversion is her main strength develops connection and emotion and compassion towards the prisoners and babies and is exposed as a lonely woman longing for love that the prisoners become her whole world. They tell of the murder in a directly cruel, cold and remorseful way. Obedience as prisoners who have committed a brutal murder and the softness and emotion they exhibit in front of the infants produces a moral and emotional complexity.

The film is built from a survivalist and cruel daily routine that reveals a fabric of life, loneliness and existential difficulty on both sides alongside magical human moments.

A moving and extraordinary cinematic experience.

Documentary Film Competition

Honorable Mention


Directors: Lars Edman, William Johansson Kalén | Producers: Andreas Rocksen, William Johansson Kalén

Jury Statement

We salute the filmmakers’ courage and persistence in standing by the innocent victims of the small Chilean city Arica, who were mortally wounded by corporate and legal injustice. The jury wishes to acknowledge the film’s intelligent aesthetics, its wise narratological maneuvering, and its protagonist’s charismatic yet humble pursuit of truth, all with the goal of reminding us that we are responsible for our actions anywhere anytime.

Documentary Film Competition

Best Documentary Film

I am Not Alone

Director: Garin Hovannisian | Producers: Garin Hovannisian, Alec Mouhibian, Eric Esrailian, Tatevik Manoukyan

Jury Statement

The film presents the riveting story of one man whose unyielding commitment to the ideals of democracy, solidarity, and social justice guides him in his quest to overthrow a ruling system that benefits the few at the expense of the many.

With intensity as electric and unrelenting as its central character, I Am Not Alone excites and educates as much as it inspires hope in the possibility that what is right, just, and good can prevail over those who seek to suppress such ideals.

Documentary Film Competition

Honorable Mention

Shadow Game

Directors: Eefje Blankevoort, Els van Driel | Producer: Iris Lammmertsma

Jury Statement

Shadow Game is a rare social and artistic document that gently exposes its fragile yet bold protagonists, reminding us that we do not have the privilege of further averting our gaze from tens of millions of displaced people around the globe, Shadow Game with its persistent camera presence, acknowledges their suffering and the injustice that our politics inflicts on them.


International Documentary Films Competition Jury

Prof Dan Geva (Chair), Prof Garnet Butchart, Michal Warshai

International Fiction Films Competition Jury

Julie Schles (Chair), Shula Spiegel

Israeli Feature Films Competition Jury

Prof Zohar Shavit (Chair), Keren Alexandroni, Alon Garbuz, Emmnuel Halperin, Dr. Yasmin Sason

Israeli Short Films Competition and Student Films Competition Jury

Keren Shayo (Chair), Ayelet Becher, Tom Mehager, Ruthy Wischnevsky