International Films Competition


Belgium, Norway, Chile, Sweden, UK, 2020, 97 min.

English, Spanish, Swedish. Heb. and Eng. Sub.

Dir: Lars Edman, William Johansson Kalén

Screening Schedule:

Fri. 10/12 | 16:00 | Cinematheque

Fri. 17/12 | 21:30 | Cinematheque

ARICA tells the grim story of the Swedish mining company Boliden which, in the mid-1980s, shipped toxic waste to Chile with devastating consequences for the local community. The first film (Toxic Playground) was made in 2006, exposing this story in broad daylight. ARICA now plunges us into the lawsuit initiated against the Swedish giant in 2018, demanding that the company assume its responsibility in the case. The film is produced by Andreas Rocksén of Laika Film & Television (Cold Case Hammarskjöld).

IDFA - Frontlight
HUMAN International Documentary Film Festival
Tempo International Documentary Film Festival
One World Prague
Nordisk Panorama Film Festival

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