Tribute to Amos Gitai


Screening Schedule:

Tue. 14/12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque

Israel, 1980, 51 min.

Hebrew, Arabic.

Dir. Amos Gitai

Berlin International Film Festival /Berlinale 1982.
House is the story of a house in West-Jerusalem: abandoned during the 1948 war by its owner, a Palestinian doctor; requisitioned by the Israeli government as "vacant'; rented to Jewish Algerian immigrants in 1956; purchased by a university professor who undertakes its transformation into a patrician villa ... The building site is like a theatre in which the former inhabitants, the neighbors, the workers, the builder and the new owner all appear. Israeli television censured the film.
"Gitai wants this house to be both a symbol and something very concrete; he wants it to become a character in a film. He achieves one of the most beautiful things a camera can register 'live', as it were; people who look at the same thing but see different things-and who are moved by that vision. In this crumbling shell of a house, real hallucinations begin to take shape. The film's central idea is simple and the film has simply the force of that idea, no more, no less." Serge Daney, Libération, March 1st, 1982.