Shorts Competition

Exposing a Mechanism

Screening Schedule:

Mon. 13/12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque

Israel, 2021, 23 min.

Hebrew, Heb. and Eng. Sub.

Dir. Omri Litvak

The film describes the relationship that evolves between Omri, a young film student, and the artist Renana Raz. They develop their relationships through emails they write each other. They come to realize that they experience the world in a similar way. They both constantly examine the norms and systems of behavior that dominate society and challenge them. Omri comes to watch Renana's play “The Hearing,” which is based on the true story of the teacher Adam Varete. Later he comes to watch the play “Wart,” in which Renana presents warlike images as a human creation. Eventually both Omri and Renana have a discussion in front of the camera and become friends.