Features Competition

Falling Invisibly

Screening Schedule:

Sun. 12/12 | 18:30 | Cinematheque

Israel, 2021, 90 min.

Hebrew, Arabic, Heb. and Eng. Sub.

Dir. Itzhak Rubin

Sat. 18/12 | 16:00 | Cinematheque

This film examines, for the first time and in depth, the shocking problem of thousands of construction workers who fall to their deaths from scaffolding; due to criminal disregard and neglect of the country's safety authorities and government towards the most invisible workers in society, combined with contractors’ economic interests and their financial supporters. This situation leads to the ranking of the high-tech superpower Israel at a shameful third place in the world among countries with the highest rate of construction worker deaths.
The tragic circumstances of these unnecessary deaths are revealed through the lives of bereaved mothers, fathers and family members who are intelligent, appealing, and well-spoken.
Adawia Salem from the village of Deir Hanna. Her son, Dr. Majdi Salem, a newly graduated medical student, was killed in a fall from the scaffolding. Born after his older brother Murad (autistic from birth), Majdi had helped raise his brother and was the family’s hope.
Lillian, a battered and brave woman from the village of Ein Mahal, had fled from her violent husband and built a new life with the help of her late son Jawad, who had saved his mother's life from his violent father. Jawad worked in construction from the age of 15 to support the family. He plummeted to his death from the 26th story.
Members of additional bereaved families are interviewed. The film also shows authentic photographs and documentary evidence of the fall of workers from construction sites.
While courageous Jewish and Arab activists are struggling to change the situation, the authorities consistently protect each other, denying responsibility and blaming the victims. None of those responsible for the falls of thousands of workers have ever been brought to justice.
The bereaved Arab families in this film insisted on speaking Hebrew with the intention of reaching out to the general Israeli Hebrew speaking public. Does the Israeli establishment view them as equal Israeli citizens?

Screening in the presence of the filmmakers.