Students Competition

Loud Silence

Screening Schedule:

Wed. 15/12 | 21:30 | Cinematheque

Israel, 2021, 22 min.

Hebrew, Eng. Sub.

Dir. Or Noga Yahel Idan-Tzubery

When an organ is amputated - you stop wanting to live. But when it's a kid - you try to stop living. Emily (34) gives birth to a dead baby. She can't handle the loss, rejects the parental leave she's given and as a result, suffers from depression. Avi (36) her husband and their friends try unsuccessfully to cheer her up. Emily drowns into sadness and loneliness. The harsh reality strikes her in her quiet apartment in loud silence. She holds the ultrasound photos, those with the face and Heartbeat. And she decides to take her own life. To join her son.