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International Competition

Feature Films


Deprived of ceremonious decorum, in a convenience store at the edge of Moscow, a modest wedding is held. The bride, an Uzbek migrant worker named Mukhabat, is pregnant, a pregnancy which will shake up her life and alter her destiny. For Mukhabat, the world begins and ends in that small convenience store, thousands of miles away from her homeland.


In 1926, New York City banned dancing in restaurants and bars, as part of an attempt to regulate and restrict black life. Now, just before this antiquated law is repealed, a series of characters from all parts of American society, from an academic lecturer to two outlaws, find themselves inside a bar in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, and discover how a single gunshot will forever change their lives.

Klondike Stills 007.jpg

Summer 2014 – the war in Ukraine has already begun. After Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and invaded two districts in the east of the country, residents of one Ukrainian village near the border are subjected to incessant bombing.

01_EUROPE_ZohraPrefecture © Grandfilm.jpeg

Zohara, an immigrant from Algeria who lives in a small town in France, travels to work every day on a bus line called "Europe". By following her story, the feature film of director Philip Scheffner, who previously focused on documentaries, presents the struggles of immigrants throughout Europe, and their complex integration into a new and different reality.

working class heroes_still3.jpg

Lydia works on the fringes of the real estate industry. Her role is to bribe and cheat as much as necessary so that the company she works for can continue to operate a dangerous construction site, on which one day a luxury residential project will be built.

06b_Joe_Tesheme_Gartenha╠êuschen_ ©Pascal Mora.png

Semret is an Eritrean immigrant who lives and works in Switzerland. She works around the clock at the hospital to fulfill her dream of becoming a midwife, raising her daughter Joe alone.


International Competition

Documentary Films

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With its white beaches, beautiful turquoise waters and wild green forests, the island of Palawan is like heaven. But powerful and corrupt forces want to enslave the virgin island and loot its natural treasures. Risking their lives, three environmental activists decide to fight to save their home – the last remaining piece of nature in the Philippines.

LFH Still 1.jpg

After a long life and dealing with serious illness, Eli Timoner decides to end his life by medical means. Timoner is a husband, father and successful businessman, and his decision to end his life generates emotional and thought-provoking reactions from the people close to him. The loving and supportive family accompanies the dying father in the few days he has left until the end of his life.


The film's director Rodrigo Reyes first meets the boy Sanso when he acts as an interpreter for him during his criminal trial in California. Sanso was sentenced to life in prison for his membership in a gang that committed a shocking murder, but the sentence and Sanso's personality continued to trouble Reyes, and he renewed contact with him.


Anita Chitaya, a social activist from Malawi East Africa, is fighting to achieve gender equality in her country and to find solutions to the harms of the climate crisis. To promote the change, she travels to the United States in an effort to convince farmers that the climate crisis is real, and that its consequences are destructive.


In March 2002, a group of Falun Gong practitioners take over a state television station in China, infuriating the authoritarian and rigid regime. In the following period, the Chinese government carries out a series of brutal police raids against Falun Gong practitioners. One of them, a comic book illustrator named Daxiong, had to flee to Canada.

8. Lyra at wall, pointing to graffiti “God Loves the QUEERS’ copy.jpg

With deep roots in the working class of war-torn Belfast, Lyra McKee became a nationally renowned investigative journalist. She did not cease to expose the consequences of the conflict days in Northern Ireland and demanded a proper response to the crimes that were forgotten after the peace agreement. Her life was cut short in 2019, when she was murdered during riots by members of the IRA organization opposing the Good Friday Agreement.


Anna is a 17-year-old girl who loves animals and likes to talk about ecology and politics. One day she enters an internet chat with other young people her age. They begin to meet and talk about life in their country, but in today's Russia such conversations are no simple matter. A secret agent from Vladimir Putin's brutal intelligence forces infiltrates the chat.

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