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The Ants and the Grasshopper

Anita Chitaya, a social activist from Malawi East Africa, is fighting to achieve gender equality in her country and to find solutions to the harms of the climate crisis.

Forest for the Trees

In the heart of Canada's dense forests, a group of tree planters take an honest look at their lives and work, against the backdrop of the intensifying climate crisis.


The band at the center of this docu-fiction film is a young female group in search of elusive success. The members of the band do not go on concert tours in large stadiums, and are forced to perform in front of a limited audience in a small club.

This Is National Wake

"National Wake" was a wild and boundless punk rock band that came up precisely in the heart of the fascist apartheid regime of the 1970’s in South Africa.

The New Greatness Case

Anna is a 17-year-old girl who loves animals and likes to talk about ecology and politics. One day she enters an internet chat with other young people her age. They begin to meet and talk about life in their country, but in today's Russia such conversations are no simple matter.

The Killing Of A Journalist

Following the brutal murder of a young investigative journalist and his fiancée in their home, the largest protest in Slovakia since the fall of communism upsurges, eventually leading to the overthrow of the government.


Semret is an Eritrean immigrant who lives and works in Switzerland. She works around the clock at the hospital to fulfill her dream of becoming a midwife, raising her daughter Joe alone. For Semret, the hard work is a necessary price to ensure a better life for Joe, a life that is not contingent upon the heavy price that Semret paid in her past.


One moment at the height of the 1968 Olympics in Mexico City was engraved in the history of the Olympic Games. Two of the winners of the 200-meter race decided to raise their fists on the podium, in salute and tribute to black power.

Paris in Harlem

In 1926, New York City banned dancing in restaurants and bars, as part of an attempt to regulate and restrict black life.


Zohara, an immigrant from Algeria who lives in a small town in France, travels to work every day on a bus line called "Europe".

Melting Dreams

Three Afghan girls dream of becoming professional skiers and representing their country in the Olympic Games. They are convinced that in Europe they will be able to train and fulfill their dreams, but even after they arrive on the continent, they face prejudices and deep cultural gaps.

Last Flight Home

After a long life and dealing with serious illness, Eli Timoner decides to end his life by medical means. Timoner is a husband, father and successful businessman, and his decision to end his life generates emotional and thought-provoking reactions from the people close to him.

Convenience Store

Deprived of ceremonious decorum, in a convenience store at the edge of Moscow, a modest wedding is held. The bride, an Uzbek migrant worker named Mukhabat, is pregnant, a pregnancy which will shake up her life and alter her destiny.


John Shipton is a 76-year-old retired builder, a polite and modest man who shies away from the limelight. However, Shipton is also father to Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks and the world's most famous political prisoner.

Atomic Hope

The climate crisis is getting out of hand, endangering the lives and safety of people around the world. In Europe, Asia and America, companies and governments are rushing to build wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower facilities.

No Place for You in Our Town

A documentary that follows different moments in the lives of three hooligan football fans, who will do anything to support their team in the mining town of Pernik, located far from the center - on the outskirts of Bulgaria, at the outskirts of Europe.

The Game of Their Lives

The North Korean soccer team arrived at the 1966 World Cup held in England without any remaining hopes, as befits a tyrannical communist country without a soccer tradition and devoid of resources.

Working Class Heroes

Lydia works on the fringes of the real estate industry. Her role is to bribe and cheat as much as necessary so that the company she works for can continue to operate a dangerous construction site, on which one day a luxury residential project will be built.

The Wind Blows The Border

The border between Brazil and Paraguay stretches over 1,524 kilometers. When Luana Ruiz, a rich heiress of vast lands, covets the green lands on this border, she provokes a war against the native inhabitants.

The Narrow Bridge

Bushra, Rami, Meital and Bassam lost close family members – their children or parents – and joined the long list of victims of the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Spanton vs The French Police

In 2014, Canadian tourist Emily Spanton enters a bar in Paris. The events of that night have been covered and discussed in France repeatedly over the years that have passed since then: according to Spanton, she met a group of French policemen in a bar who brutally raped her, while the policemen for their part vehemently deny all accusations.

Sansón and Me

The film's director Rodrigo Reyes first meets the boy Sanso when he acts as an interpreter for him during his criminal trial in California. Sanso was sentenced to life in prison for his membership in a gang that committed a shocking murder, but the sentence and Sanso's personality continued to trouble Reyes, and he renewed contact with him.

Our Bodies are Your Battlefields

As in many other countries around the world, Argentina is also in the midst of a persistent struggle for transgender rights. Violeta and Claudia are two trans women who identify as transvestites, and fight for their rights and identity.


Summer 2014 – the war in Ukraine has already begun. After Russia annexed the Crimean peninsula and invaded two districts in the east of the country, residents of one Ukrainian village near the border are subjected to incessant bombing.


With its white beaches, beautiful turquoise waters and wild green forests, the island of Palawan is like heaven. But powerful and corrupt forces want to enslave the virgin island and loot its natural treasures. Risking their lives, three environmental activists decide to fight to save their home – the last remaining piece of nature in the Philippines.


With deep roots in the working class of war-torn Belfast, Lyra McKee became a nationally renowned investigative journalist. She did not cease to expose the consequences of the conflict days in Northern Ireland and demanded a proper response to the crimes that were forgotten after the peace agreement.

Kapernick and America

American football player Colin Kaepernick had it all: a multi-million dollar contract with a top team, passionate fans and a promising sports career. Nevertheless, in his protest of police violence against blacks, Kaepernick chooses to kneel during the playing of the national anthem before the game.

Eternal Spring

In March 2002, a group of Falun Gong practitioners take over a state television station in China, infuriating the authoritarian and rigid regime.

Erasmus in Gaza

European students who are sent to student exchange programs usually expect to be in a smiling sunny city, get to know a foreign culture and travel in a peaceful and colorful country.

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