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Israeli Films

Feature Films

מקום בטוח

World Premiere

511 students attend "Hayarden," an elementary school for refugee and immigrant children in south Tel Aviv. In a year in which fellow foreign and immigrant workers and families are being expulsed from his neighborhood, one of the classes is chosen to participate in a unique cinematic project: They are asked to create a short drama film about their lives.

מזרח ירושלים, מערב ירושלים

Special Screening and a Meeting with David Broza

In early 2013 Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza went to a Palestinian studio in East Jerusalem, together with American, Israeli and Palestinian musicians – including Steve Earle, Mira Awad and Muhammad Mughrabi – pursuing his years-old dream to make music a bridge-builder between Palestinians and Israelis.

קשמיר: הדרך אל החופש

In a rare look at the region, Udi Aloni filmed his protagonists as they launched their new struggle. Finally refused re-entry by the Indian government, Aloni was forced to tell the rest of this story far from the land and people he had come to admire creation, a feast for the senses which capable of restoring our faith in the human spirit.

למה אנחנו אמריקאים?

Israeli Premiere

After the Screening there will be a Q&A with the philosopher Slavoj Žižek via Zoom.

This film is an in-depth, cinematic exploration of Newark’s legendary Baraka family and its patriarch, Amiri Baraka, one of the most prodigious African American poet/playwright/activists of our time.

ארבעה סרטים קצרים נגד הכיבוש:

In this special event held in commemoration of film director and scholar Judd Ne'eman, we offer an opportunity to watch rarely screened four Israeli shorts about the occupation of the West Bank and participate in a discussion organized in collaboration with the Israeli Filmmakers Forum Against the Occupation.

ציון אדמתי

What young woman would leave New York to have her first child in a war zone? Who would choose to give birth in a place where kids get blown up riding on school buses or sitting in cafés? Where thousands of eighteen-years-olds kill or get killed as soldiers? I am that woman. I went home to give birth to my daughters in Israel.

Don’t Touch My Holocaust

This cinematic adaptation of the award-winning play, “Arbeit Macht Frei”, accompanies the Acre Theater Group as it probes the innermost recesses of the Israeli psyche in the generation after the Holocaust.

כמיהה - NAFKOT

Israeli Premiere

An Israeli anthropologist travels to meet a hidden Jewish community in northern Ethiopia. Together with the members of the community, they tell the story of their survival against all odds.

גרגירי חול

World Premiere

David is a sensitive and creative boy who lives in peripheral southern Israel with his MS sick mother and his father. He comes across an online writing forum, fakes his identity and under a fictitious name publishes his short stories. As he gets entangled in his lies, he is afraid of losing his friends and being exposed.

מלאך מקומי

Moved by the destruction on Sept. 11 Aloni returned to Israel/ Palestine to grapple with the concepts of sacrifice and the sacred embedded in the history of a much more ancient edifice - the Temple Mount. The heart of the film is Udi's effort to understand the theological-political background he inherited from his mother, Shulamit Aloni. Images of mutations of Walter Benjamin's angel haunt the film from beginning to end. "Local Angel" is both challenging to the observer, and deeply moving.


Art/Violence follows two of his students from Jenin as they redefine their identity as artists and women after his death. Facing military occupation and societal oppression, they surround themselves with a group of young and radical Palestinian artists armed with fidelity to art, sisterhood and Palestine.

המחבל שלי

In 1978, filmmaker Yulie Cohen was wounded in a terrorist attack by the Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine. A stewardess for the Israeli airline El Al, she was attacked along with other crewmembers when getting off the bus to the hotel in London. In a remarkable twist of faith, twenty-three years later Cohen began questioning the causes of violence between Israelis and Palestinians and started to consider helping release the man who almost killed her, Fahad Mihyi.

האח שלי

More than twenty-five years have gone by since my brother turned ultra-orthodox Jew and there is no contact between us. Our Mom and Dad are over seventy-five years old and are about to sell the house we grew up in, and I recently got divorced after twenty years of marriage.

Even If You Shoot Me

Suzan Jaber is an event photographer, but living in the heart of Hebron has driven her to document what goes on outside her window. Between Israeli settlers threatening Palestinians and soldiers raiding homes, her hand-held camera also captures a dream of another future.

Photo Credit: Nachum Mochiach

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