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a Tribute to Yulie Cohen


Sat. 3.12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 1

My Land Zion

Israel, 2004, 56 min

Director & Producer:

Yulie Cohen

Language & Subtitles:

Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew


Broadcasted in the Women Film Competition of the Rehovot International Film Festival
Broadcasted and Screened in many Countries, Universities and Film Festivals around the world

What young woman would leave New York to have her first child in a war zone? Who would choose to give birth in a place where kids get blown up riding on school buses or sitting in cafés? Where thousands of eighteen-years-olds kill or get killed as soldiers? I am that woman. I went home to give birth to my daughters in Israel.

I wanted to raise them in my land Zion, the land of my ancestors, the land that I love. Now, 16 years later, my daughters will soon be old enough to join the Army and be forced to defend a state and its myths that are tearing my homeland apart. Why do I choose to stay?
On a journey through rocks and fields, and across three generations of Israelis, I encounter the myths that shaped the state and me. I confront the actions of my parents and the hopes of my daughters. I visit a Holocaust survivor and hear the doubts of her son, a historian and a parent, like me. I confront a Jewish settler whose husband was killed by a militant Palestinian and I meet a Palestinian girl who lives in Israel.

It was my choice to live in the land of my ancestors and now it is my daughters' home, too. A state of myths and sacrifices, where our sons and daughters still grow up to kill or get killed. How can I stay in a state that devours its children?

Screening and a Conversation with Yulie Cohen, David Zonshine and Dr. Mram Masarwa

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