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Israeli Films

A Safe Place

Israel, 2022, 50 min


Noemie Biegeleisen

Language & Subtitles:

Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew

Producer: Sylvain Biegeleisen
Writers: Noemie & Sylvain Biegeleisen
Editing: Miri Laufer - Camera: Noemie & Sylvain Biegeleisen - On Line: Avi Levy - Sound: Nir Gavish - Music: Sefi Zisling





Mon. 5.12 | 19:00 | Cinematheque 1

Fri. 9.12 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 4

Angelo is a 12-year-old Filipino boy who studies at "Hayarden," a school for refugee and immigrant children in south Tel Aviv. While fellow foreign and immigrant workers and families are being expulsed from his neighborhood, his class is chosen to participate in a unique cinematic project. They are asked to create a short drama film about a topic close to their hearts.

The process of working on the film introduces us to the fears and dreams of Angelo and his classmates. They live in a temporary reality that undermines their sense of security. And although none of the children have a passport or identity card, their journey crosses borders after their film was chosen to represent Israel at the Venice Children's Film Festival.

5.12.22 | World Premiere

9.12.22 | with The Association of Civil Rights in Israel, Emil Grunzweig Award

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