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Yulie Cohen's Tribute

My Land Zion

Israel, 2004, 56 min


Yulie Cohen

Language & Subtitles:

Hebrew; subtitles in English and Hebrew

Yulie Cohen



Broadcasted in the Women Film Competition of the Rehovot International Film Festival
Broadcasted and Screened in many Countries, Universities and Film Festivals around the world


Sat. 3.12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 1

What young woman would leave New York to have her first child in a war zone? Who would choose to give birth in a place where kids get blown up riding on school buses or sitting in cafés? Where thousands of eighteen-years-olds kill or get killed as soldiers? I am that woman. I went home to give birth to my daughters in Israel.

Screening and a Conversation with Yulie Cohen, David Zonshine and Dr. Mram Masarwa

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