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Special Event

Don’t Touch My Holocaust

Israel, 1994, 180 min


Asher Tlalim

Language & Subtitles:

Hebrew; subtitles in English

Producer: Daniel Paran, Danny Seaton
Production Company: Set Films
Cinematographer: Yoram Milloh, Asher Tlalim
Editor: Asher Tlalim



Winner, Best Documentary, 1994 Israeli Oscars; Berlinale International Film Festival, 1995; San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, 1995; Special Mention at the Jerusalem International Film Festival, 1994; Dublin International Film Festival, 1995; Montreal International Film Festival, 1995


Sat. 3.12 | 18:45 | Cinematheque 4

This cinematic adaptation of the award-winning play, “Arbeit Macht Frei”, accompanies the Acre Theater Group as it probes the innermost recesses of the Israeli psyche in the generation after the Holocaust.

The film takes the viewer along the most difficult collective journey faced by Israeli society – the Holocaust – with an impact so sweeping and so real, it can truly be said that all of us – Moroccans, Iraqis, Germans, and even Khaled Abu-Ali, the Palestinian protagonist – are survivors of the Holocaust.

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