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Student Films Competition


Cluster 1

Blind Spot

Student Films: Features

Maya Louzon; Israel, 2022, 15:20 min

A female commander struggles with her position of power.


Student Films: Features

Shira Daniel Hellwing; Israel, 2021, 18 min

During a visit in the refugees' preschool where she volunteers, Aria finds out one of the kids wasn't picked up. She decides to take him to her house. There she must deal the consequences of her actions.


Student Films: Features

Chen Rachum; Israel, 2022, 16:43 min

Rona is sexually assaulted by her boyfriend.
Shortly after, the worst news of all is announced.

Between Her

Student Films: Features

Bar Cohen; Israel, 2022, 29:55 min

Aya is a trans girl who is frustrated by her love life and experiences with men. An accidental encounter with a man from her distant past causes her to reconnect with her identity.

Your'e OK.

Student Films: Features

Sachar Agranat & Rachel Zilberberg; Israel, 2022, 5:55 min

when returning fron a fun night out with her best friend, Tamar is brutally attacked. from this moment she finda herself in a traumatic loop that she tries to break.

Scene no. 4

Student Films: Features

David Noy; Israel, 2022, 10 min

A conflict between the director, the Jewish actor and the Arabic one.


Cluster 2

The Twinkling Light

Student Films: Documentary

Reem bisan, Rania Rabah, Shadia Bebar & Dalal Kesrawy; Israel, 2022, 10 min

The documentary ‘twinkling light’ describes the way Ganem's family deals with the needs of Sinal, the daughter with Down Syndrome.

Arak Cigarettes and Demons

Student Films: Documentary

Eliav kikus; Israel, 2021, 6:40 min

This film tells about my father's post-war trauma due to the First Lebanon War and alongside this a personal crisis in my life when my parents divorced and how the divorce led me to regard life as a war.

Silent One

Student Films: Feature

Naama Shmueli; Israel, 2022, 15:30 min

Arriving at a silence retreat in the Jerusalem hills, Maayan could not have imagined who she would encouter there, and the sort of wound from her past she would have to confront. As the silence around her becomes deafening, she must now find a way to stare at the pain straight in the eye.

Ohad's Room

Student Films: Documentary

Naama Remer; Israel, 2022, 26:43 min

Ohad’s room remains almost as it was. Seventeen years that no one lives there. And yet, it feels so very present. Not much I know about my older brother. Who was he? And why is he gone? Maybe it was easier if I didn’t know. So I opened the door and I was looking for answers.

Her Gaze

Student Films: Feature

Alma Zalait; Israel, 2022, 11 min

Michaela can sense that her male roomate is watching her as she sleeps. She wakes up frightened and
shaken. Hoping to gain a sense of stability, she conacts her ex.

Sentence (Mishpat)

Student Films: Feature

Or Getz; Israel, 2022, 19 min

On the day of Or’s sixth-grade graduation, his mother Anat learns he won’t speak at the ceremony because of his stutter. Anat feels this is a huge mistake and makes no compromises to ensure he goes on stage. Or fearfully takes the stage with hope of bringing pride to his mother — will he succeed? Will he fail?

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