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Tribute to Udi Aloni's Documentary Films edited by Slavoj Žižek

Radical Grace

"Aloni's secular theology is definitely one of the most fascinating innovations of our time." -Slavoj Žižek

Tribute's Films & Events

אמל מורקוס ופיראס זרייק בהופעה

a Tribute to Udi Aloni Opening Night: Amal Murkus & Firas Zreik Live

After the Concert, we will screen parts of Udi Aloni’s film ‘Left’ and have a coversation with Amal Murkus, Firas Zreik and Udi Aloni

מלאך מקומי

Moved by the destruction on Sept. 11 Aloni returned to Israel/ Palestine to grapple with the concepts of sacrifice and the sacred embedded in the history of a much more ancient edifice - the Temple Mount. The heart of the film is Udi's effort to understand the theological-political background he inherited from his mother, Shulamit Aloni.

After the Screening there will be a Conversation with PM Aida Touma-Suleiman and Dr. Ayelet Maoz


Art/Violence follows two of his students from Jenin as they redefine their identity as artists and women after his death. Facing military occupation and societal oppression, they surround themselves with a group of young and radical Palestinian artists armed with fidelity to art, sisterhood and Palestine.

After the Screening there will be a Conversation with Udi Aloni, Rami Younes and Tamer Nafar who would also Perform

למה אנחנו אמריקאים?

This film is an in-depth, cinematic exploration of Newark’s legendary Baraka family and its patriarch, Amiri Baraka, one of the most prodigious African American poet / playwright / activists of our time.

Israeli Premiere. After the Screening there will be a Q&A with the philosopher Slavoj Žižek via Zoom.

קשמיר: הדרך אל החופש

In a rare look at the region, Udi Aloni filmed his protagonists as they launched their new struggle. Finally refused re-entry by the Indian government, Aloni was forced to tell the rest of this story far from the land and people he had come to admire creation, a feast for the senses which capable of restoring our faith in the human spirit.

After the Screening there will be a Zoom Conversation with Hillel Cohen and Kashmiri Altaf Khan, one of the film's protagonists

Amal's Photo Credit: Ilan Besor
Firas's Photo Credit: Angie Assal

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