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Tribute to Udi Aloni

Amal Murkus & Firas Zreik Live

Israel, 1996, inserts from the Film


Udi Aloni

Language & Subtitles:

Hebrew, Arabic and English



We are pleased to invite you to a special Event in the 10th Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival:

Amal Murkus & Firas Zreik Live

After the Concert, we will screen parts of Udi Aloni’s film ‘Left’ and have a coversation with Amal Murkus, Firas Zreik and Udi Aloni.
Opening remarks: Mohammad Bakri.

Amal's Photo Credit: Ilan Besor Firas's Photo Credit: Angie Assal


Sat. 3.12 | 20:30 | Cinematheque 3

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