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Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival is a unique event that raises awareness on significant socio-political issues through screenings of groundbreaking films on human rights in Israel and around the world, films that promote peace, democracy and human rights alongside equality and social justice.

This is the 11th edition of the festival, and given the situation in Israel and around the world, it seems that the need for its existence is clearer than ever.

Solidarity, the only Israeli film festival fully dedicated to human rights, takes place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque since 2010. The Festival's program shows award-winning narrative and documentary films, providing contexts for issues related to social and political struggles, among them: democracy, globalization, refugees and asylum seekers, the occupation of the West Bank and the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, hunger, poverty and food security, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, children's rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, environmental justice and the climate crisis.

The international program for 2023 presents award-winning films, documentaries and feature films - all new, all are Israeli premieres, after having their world premieres at the most prominent film festivals in the world.

The Israeli program for 2023 includes a variety of feature films and documentaries about the Gaza envelope and southern Israel, alongside premiere screenings of feature-length films and a selection of the best films in the field of human rights made in Israel. Again this year, the festival holds a prize-winning competition for films on human rights in various tracks - short films, student films and a young creation track for high school students' films - with the aim of encouraging engagement with political and social issues by local filmmakers and strengthening the status of this field among film students and experienced filmmakers alike.

The Solidarity Festival Founder and Director is Dani Vilenski, the Artistic Director is Gidi Avivi, and the festival is organized by the Solidarity for Art, Activism and Human Rights Association. The Solidarity Festival's year-long activities are grounded in the belief in the power of cinema to be thought provoking and to spark activism towards the creation of a better future for all of us in Israel and the Middle East. In the current political climate, when the very notion of democracy is under threat worldwide, alongside wars with no end in sight, it is important for us to stand up and make our voices heard clearly, bravely and freely.

אודות הפסטיבל


צוות הפסטיבל

Dani Vilenski

Founder and Festival Director

Gidi Avivi

Artistic Director

Ayala Ehrlich Neuhaus


Ohad Ephrath

Traffic and Technical Director

Tal Korjak

Technical Consultant

Noam Sheizaf, Dan Geva

Content Consultants

Rani Avgar, Sigal Vanunu Gadish, Dr. Ishai Menuchin

Special Consultants

Shani Kiniso

Synopses and Texts

Jonathan Joel

Language Editor

Ami Asher

Editing and Translation into English

Bimot Digital - Golan Reis, Tal Gershon

Social Media

Ora Lapidot PR – Ora Lapidot, Ofira Botto

PR and Communications

Adi Amara and Itamar Liebergall

Website and Graphic Design

Ronit Shaked

Graphic Design Consultant

Dana and Dan Shaham

Logo Design and Visual Language

Sapir Ben-Hillel


Royal Titles – Roy Pitluk

Films Translation


International Films Competition Selection Committee

Gidi Avivi, Ada Ushpiz, Guli Dolev-Hashiloni, Dani Vilenski, Ruthy Wischnevsky, Rachelle Yair, Yulie Cohen, Pini Schatz

Israeli Films Competition Coordinator

Ayala Ehrlich Neuhaus

Israeli Feature Films Competition Selection Committee

Gidi Avivi, Guli Dolev-Hashiloni, Dani Vilenski, Ruthy Wischnevsky, Alon Garbuz, Gili Meisler. Pini Schatz

Israeli Short Films Competition Selection Committee

Irit Gal, Ruthy Wischnevsky, Shani Kiniso, Yulie Cohen, Tal Meiri

Israeli Student Films Competition Selection Committee

Shani Kiniso, Ruthy Wischnevsky, Irit Gal, Yulie Cohen, Tal Meiri

Israeli Short Films Competition and Student Films Competition Jury

Prof. Dan Geva (Chair), Yariv Mozer, Sigal Rosh

Israeli High School Students Film Competition

Dr. Evanna Ratner, Itai Ken-Tor

High School Students Film Competition Commitee

Aviran Ben Ramat Yossef, Rula Nassir, Elad Mookades, Yuval Brill

High School Students Film Competition Jury

Dr. Orna Raviv, Dr. Keren Ketko Ayali, Raviv Naveh

Solidarity for Art, Activism and Human Rights Association

Yifat Solel (Chair), Ran Avgar, Yasser Abu Areesha, Arnon Ben Haim, Merav Ben Shlomo, Guli Dolev-Hashiloni, Shimon Elad, Erez Lotan, Julie Schles

TLV Cinematheque

General Manager - Dina Peled, Artistic Director - Dana Morag, Program Manager - Pini Schatz, Marketing Manager - Smadar Bracha

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