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International Documentary Films


Tue 26.12 | 22:30 | Hall 4

USA/UK, 2023, 80 min


Sophie Compton, Reuben Hamlyn

Language and Subtitles:

English, Subtitles in Hebrew




SXSW, Champs-Elysées FF, Sidewalk FF, Nashville FF


SXSW- ציון לשבח מחבר השופטים; Champs-Elysées FF, audience award; Sidewalk FF, Best life & Liberty film

Another Body

Previously an amiable and ambitious college student, Taylor begins to withdraw from society. After discovering videos on the internet where her face is inserted into pornographic images, she experiences major depression. Despite having lost trust even in those closest to her, she manages to recover and fight against the violence experienced by her and many others. The film ventures into the heart of internet darkness to shed light on deepfake pornography. Most victims of the phenomenon are afraid to break the silence that surrounds it, fearing blaming and shaming. This, however, is also a story of power: the powers of victims who have decided to speak up.

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