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We are pleased to invite you to the Opening Night of the 10th Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival and the premiere screening in Israel of a documentary by Anna Shishova: The New Greatness Case, in the presence of the film director Anna Shishova.

Opening Night: The New Greatness Case

Thur. 1.12.22 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 3


The screening will be followed by a conversation between Prof. Dan Geva and the filmmaker, Anna Shishova, followed by a panel discussion organized in collaboration with 'The Association for Civil Rights in Israel'

The New Greatness Case

Sat. 3.12.22 | 19:15 | Cinematheque 2


a Tribute to Udi Aloni Opening Night: Amal Murkus & Firas Zreik Live.
Opening remarks: Mohammad Bakri.

Amal Murkus & Firas Zreik Live

Sat. 3.12.22 | 20:30 | Cinematheque 3


Screening and Conversation with ׳Standing Together' Movement

The Wind Blows The Border

Mon. 5.12.22 | 17:45 | Cinematheque 2


Screening and Meeting with David Broza

Screening and Meeting with David Broza: East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem

Wed. 7.12.22 | 20:30 | Cinematheque 2


Screening and Conversation about Music and Women Rights


Sat. 10.12.22 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 4


Screening and Coversation with 'Mazon' Group

The Ants and the Grasshopper

Fri. 2.12.22 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 2

LFH Still 1_edited_edited.jpg

Screening and Conversation with Anat Maor and 'Lilach' Association

Last Flight Home

Sat. 3.12.22 | 11:00 | Cinematheque 2

thumbnail_DELIKADO - Still 4 _edited.jpg

Screening and Conversation with Ex-PM's Dov Khenin and Sondos Saleh


Sun. 4.12.22 | 17:45 | Cinematheque 1


Screening and Conversation   with 'Mekomit' Magazine


Tue. 6.12.22 | 17:45 | Cinematheque 1

Klondike Stills 001_edited.jpg

Screening of 'Klondike' and The Festival's Award Ceremony

Klondike + Award Ceremony

Thur. 8.12.22 | 19:30 | Cinematheque 1

Erasmus in Gaza - Still 1_edited.jpg

Opening remarks: Andrea Pontiroli, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation to Israel

Erasmus in Gaza

Sat. 10.12.22 | 18:00 | Cinematheque 1

Sand Grains 4 (1)_edited.jpg

World Premiere in the presence of the filmmakers

Sand Flakes

Fri. 2.12.22 | 14:00 | Cinematheque 1

Our tears are the same color_edited.jpg

Screening and Conversation with the Film's Participants and The Parents Circle – Families Forum

The Narrow Bridge

Sat. 3.12.22 | 16:30 | Cinematheque 4


Screening and Conversation with Udi Aloni and Slavoj Žižek


Sun. 4.12.22 | 19:30 | Cinematheque 2

Art_Violence Photo_edited.jpg

Screening and Conversation with Udi Aloni and Tamer Nafar who would also Perform


Tue. 6.12.22 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 2

תמונה מקום בטוח _edited.jpg

with The Association of Civil Rights in Israel, Emil Grunzweig Award

A Safe Place

Fri. 9.12.22 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 4

קאבר ג׳אד נאמן_edited.jpg

In this special event held in commemoration of film director and scholar Judd Ne'eman, we offer an opportunity to watch rarely screened four Israeli shorts about the occupation of the West Bank and participate in a discussion organized in collaboration with the Israeli Filmmakers Forum Against the Occupation.

a Tribute to Judd Neeeman

Sat 10.12.22 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 3

Amal's Photo Credit: Ilan Besor
Firas's Photo Credit: Angie Assal

Photo Credit: Nachum Mochiach

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