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International Documentary Films


Tue 26.12 | 20:00 | Hall 4

USA, 2023, 99 min


Heather Courtney, Princess A. Hairston, Chelsea Hernandez

Language and Subtitles:

English, Subtitles in Hebrew




Tribeca, Montclaire FF


MFF, David Carr Award

Breaking the News

Emily Ramshaw is fed up with the rock-bottom representation of women and minorities in the press, and decides to start a news agency of women and LGBT. Together they will give voice to those marginalized by the mainstream. But precisely after securing funding, COVID-19 rocks the journalistic world. Struggling to survive, Ramshaw finds out that minorities remain underrepresented in her agency as well.

Screening and a Talk with The Association for Civil Rights in Israel
At the end of the screening, there will be a special discussion as part of the event commemorating International Human Rights Day.

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