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International Documentary Films


Wed 27.12 | 18:00 | Hall 3

Germany, 2023, 110 min


Milena Aboyan

Language and Subtitles:

German, Subtitles in English and Hebrew


Derya Dilber, Derya Durmaz, Emre Kubat, Bayan Layla


Matthias Greving
Igor Dovgal
Executive Producers:
Kirsten Lukaczik


Berlinale, Crossing Europe Filmfestival, Calgary International FF



Elaha is a young German of Kurdish origin. In a few weeks’ time, this 22-year-old is about to get married. As expected in her community, she must be a virgin bride. A secret from her past – a relationship with a German boyfriend – looms over her. While juggling college studies and backbreaking work in the launderette of her fiancé’s sister, Elaha is desperate to find a solution that will not break the rules and leave everyone happy. Precisely when she does find one, however, it raises difficult questions. Elaha is a sensitive movie that reveals the tension between wanting to integrate in society and dreaming of a different life.

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