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Homage to the South


Thur 28.12 | 14:30 | Hall 3

Israel, 2016, 50 min


David Wachsmann

Language and Subtitles:

Hebrew, Subtitles in English


Rotem Genossar, Rachel Gebretsadik, Ramzi AbdulJaber


Produced by Gidi Avivi



Freedom Runners

Rotem Genossar, 31, is a teacher at the Bialik-Rogozin school in south Tel Aviv. His students are refugees and asylum-seekers from different African countries. Two years ago, Rotem founded a youth running group for refugees who fled their homelands and are living in Israel with their families but lack legal status. At first running was just a social activity for the students, but it quickly became a way of life for them and way for them to fight for their civil rights. Two of the more talented and prominent members of the team are Rachel Gebretsadik, 16, from Eritrea and Ramzi AbdulJaber, 17, from Darfur. Since Israel does not recognize Rachel and Ramzi as refugees, they don’t have equal rights and are not recognized as Israel’s champions. Rotem and his students set out on a struggle to secure them a place and a status of their own, aiming to pull them out of the margins of Israeli society.

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