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International Documentary Films


Fri 29.12 | 21:30 | Radical House

Poland/Germany, 2023, 82 min


Tomasz Wolski, Piotr Pawlus

Language and Subtitles:

Ukranian, Russian, Subtitles in English and Hebrew




Visions du Réel, Berlinale


Visions du Réel Special Mention

In Ukraine

Eighteen months after the outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine War, while most of us tend to forget it ever existed, this film provides a firsthand experience of the disaster. We have all grown weary of wartime images: explosions, rocket blasts and soldiers crowd our television screens. The filmmakers have chosen a different imagery: a broad and quiet camera movement from Kiev to Kharkov, across wounded cities and deserted villages. Accompanied by a soft soundtrack, almost without dialogue, the beautiful cinematography avoids the routine romantization of war, and instead of leaving the viewers distant and detached, it touches their hearts.

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