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International Documentary Films


Mon 25.12 | 13:00 | Hall 4

Germany, 2023, 93 min


Daniel Andreas Sager

Language and Subtitles:

German, Subtitles in English and Hebrew






Inventing Truth

What will the editors of a respectable magazine do after finding out that they have been publishing fake stories for years? In 2018, Juan Moreno was asked to work together with the rising star of German press, Claas Relotius. The latter’s editors in Der Speigel were quite pleased with him: the young journalist had published exclusive, heartrending interviews. Therefore, when Moreno claimed Relotius was faking his sources, they refused to believe. Only after an inquiry conducted by Moreno on his own – parts of which are exposed in this film for the first time – did the editors believe him, and the scandal became public.

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