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International Feature Films


Fri 29.12 | 14:30 | Hall 2

Spain, 2022, 120 min


Pilar Palomero

Language and Subtitles:

Spanish, Subtitles in English and Hebrew


Carla Quílez, Ángela Cervantes



San Sebastian FF, Stockholm FF, Brussels International FF, Chicago International FF, Toulouse Cinespana:


Silver Shell Award for Best Leading Performance, Honrary Mention; Toulouse Cinespana, Best Cinematography, Best Sound design, Student Jury Award, Best First Film

La Maternal

In a remote Spanish town, 14-year-old Carla spends her time vandalizing together with her boyfriend. After breaking into and wrecking a house, a social worker arrives in Calra’s home and tells her she is five months pregnant. In a foster home for young mothers, Carla tries to prepare for adult living without losing her youth. With an expressive and often unappealing main character, the film shifts between the narrative and documentary, with actors who are teenage mothers in real life. This sensitive film avoids sentimentality and morality, and takes a hard look on teenage motherhood.

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