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International Documentary Films


Sun 31.12 | 18:00 | Hall 2

Spain, Germany, 2023, 95 min


Paloma Zapata

Language and Subtitles:

Spanish, Subtitles in English and Hebrew




Thessaloniki Film Festival, Hot Docs, Moscow International FF, DocsBarcelona, Krakow FF, Festival de Málaga


Krakow FF, Special Mention; DocsBarcelona, Audience Award, Jury Special Mention; Moscow FF, Russian Film Clubs Federation Award

La Singla

All her life, Antonia Singla danced in the dark. The flamenco dancer, born to gypsies near Barcelona, lost her hearing as a child. Unable to speak, and communicating only by moving, La Singla (in Catalan, an affectionate nickname for a woman) started dancing while watching the musicians to follow the beat. By age 17, she was considered a sensation, and filled dancehalls thanks to her total performance and powerful expressiveness. But just when she reached her peak, La Singla disappeared. Fifty years later, a young woman stumbles across her story and starts an investigation leading to a surprising discovery.

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