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International Feature Films


Sun 24.12 | 20:00 | Hall 3

Brazil/France/Uruguay, 2023, 99 min


Lillah Halla

Language and Subtitles:

Spanish, Subtitles in English and Hebrew


Ayomi Domenca, Loro Bardot, Grace Passo, Glaucia Vandeveld





Levante (Power Alley)

Right before a decisive championship match, when the career of 17-year-old Sofia is about to take off, the talented volleyballer finds out she’s pregnant. Abortion laws in Brazil are very strict, and choices are few and harsh. Sofia conceals her pregnancy from her father, and applies for a prestigious volleyball scholarship. At the same time, she tries to arrange for an abortion in São Paulo. As the clock ticks, an extremist religious group finds her out and decides to prevent the abortion at all costs.

You are cordially invited to the Opening Night of the 11th Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival and the premiere screening in Israel of a film by Lillah Halla: Levante (Power Alley). The beginning of the event will be dedicated to a special screening in memory of Yahav Winner, who was murdered in Kibbutz Kfar Aza on Oct 7 , of his film: Faith (Israel, 2020, 13 min).

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