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International Feature Films


Mon 25.12 | 20:30 | Bilu 10

יום ג׳ 26.12 | 18:00 | Jaffa Cinema

Cameroon/Belgium, 2023 , 93 min


Rosine Mfetgo Mbakam

Language and Subtitles:

French, Pashtu, Subtitles in English and Hebrew






Mambar Pierrette

In a world where natural disasters constantly derail the so many lives, Pierette, a single mother from Cameroon, struggles to keep her head above water. As she copes with demanding customers in her modest sewing business, a series of catastrophes threatens to take away the money she has been saving for her son’s tuition, right when school’s about to start. In a unique film that blends reality and fiction, Cameroonian director Rosine Mbakam weaves a story from the stories of her relatives – all of whom play in the movie. The result is an intimate drama of survival and optimism in unpredictable circumstances.

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