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International Documentary Films


Wed 27.12 | 20:30 | Bilu 10

Turkey, 2022, 82 min


Nick Read & Ayse Toprak

Language and Subtitles:

Turkish, Subtitles in English and Hebrew




Kraków Film Festival, Dokufest International Documentary and Short FF


Kraków Film Festival פרס הסרט התיעודי הטוב ביותר; Dokufest, Special mention

My Name is Happy

Mutlu Kaya lives with her family in a small Turkish village. After competing in a reality show, the young singer becomes an instant star. A few days after the broadcast, a burglar shoots her in the head. As she recovers, her sister, who is there by her side, is murdered by her husband. As Mutlu copes with her physical and mental injuries, she begins protesting against the state’s indifference to the widespread phenomenon of femicide, and her voice becomes a symbol of resistance and defiance.

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