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Homage to the South


Sat 30.12 | 14:00 | Hall 3

Israel, 2006, 90 min


Yankul Goldwaser

Language and Subtitles:

Hebrew, Subtitles in Hebrew





She's Got It

In the town of Mitzpeh Ramon, stricken by unemployment and shutting-down of factories, a security guy and the owner of a local printing shop join together in a sophisticated " Sting " operation to switch the Bank's money, with fake bills which they have printed in advance .

The movie tells the story of three young, unemployed women that decide to make a " double sting ", and put their hand on the money in order to help re-open the sowing plant they used to work at. Through it's colorful characters, the story of the movie show people in different situations in life mixed with despair, hope and joy.

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