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International Documentary Films


Mon 25.12 | 19:30 | Radical House

Switzerland, 2023, 81 min


Lisa Gerig

Language and Subtitles:

German, Subtitles in English and Hebrew




Cph:Dox, Hot Docs


The Hearing

In a dull office in Switzerland, four asylum seekers appear for a hearing. Their every word and tear meticulously documented, they are forced to share the traumas of their life – those that pushed them out of Nigeria, Cameroon, Sri Lanka and Afghanistan. In the middle of the film, however, power relations are revered: it is now the asylum seekers who ask the questions, and the officials who are questioned. Straddling the seam between a documentary and a thought exercise, the film, featuring real-life immigration officials and refugees, reveals the inner workings of the system. The movie asks us, is the test imposed on refugees fair? How can one’s future depend on being able to tell a convincing story?

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