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Homage to the South


Sun 31.12 | 19:45 | Hall 2

Israel, 2005, 98 min


Gil Karni

Language and Subtitles:

Arabic, Hebrew Subtitles in Hebrew and English






Troubled Water

Since 1999 director Gil Karni follows the Israeli-Palestinian fishing cooperation to create a “filmed diary.” It is the realization of peace between the fishermen, through the al-Aktsa Intifada, new Palestinian uprising, which erased and caused the disappearance of the presence of the Palestinian inhabitants from the region. The tracking ended with the evacuation of the settlement, its destruction, and the departure of its residents to a new life.

We shall resent the feelings of the non-religious fishermen of Dugit looking how the dream of implantation in the Territories bursts in peaces. Man, nature and environment are hostages, like pieces of a cynical chessboard play, in the hands of leaders, politics and military men. As director Gil Karni said, “the changes in my intimate way of thinking which occurred while creating the film, in front of the events in that region, with the people I was in close relation for already 6 years.”

Screening in presence of the Director

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