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  • My Brother

    a Tribute to Yulie Cohen Screenings: Fri. 2.12 | 12:00 | Cinematheque 1 Tickets My Brother Israel, 2007, 56 min Director & Producer: Yulie Cohen Language & Subtitles: Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew Festivals: Haifa International Film Festival More than twenty-five years have gone by since my brother turned ultra-orthodox Jew and there is no contact between us. Our Mom and Dad are over seventy-five years old and are about to sell the house we grew up in, and I recently got divorced after twenty years of marriage. Refusing to accept that one who believes in God is not willing to reach back to his sister although secular, I am reaching out for my brother trying to reconnect. I want to have a family again; I long for unconditional love. I do have two lovable and loving daughters, but I will soon have to let them go as they are nearing the age of eighteen. 'My Brother' is a three-year journey, during which, through looking inward and outward, I find some major answers to my quest: I get to know my Jewish roots profoundly, I understand people's need to believe in God and why they fall in love with orthodoxy, and I find my own inner peace and unconditional love – no matter what. 'My Brother' takes place in the Jewish state of Israel in 2005 – 2007 where the orthodox population is growing, and violence are being fed in the name of God. Screening and a Conversation with Yulie Cohen, Rabi Bezalel Cohen and Israel Frey. Host: Attorney Nitzan Kahana

  • Environment & The Climate Crisis | Solidarity Film Festival

    חזרה לדף הקודם Environment & The Climate Crisis Extreme environmental change and the climate crisis are no longer just news stories or ominous statistical projections: they are already happening today. In different corners of the world farmers and people from all walks of life are paying the price of global warming and face the force of intensifying natural disasters. The films of this year's festival deal with the various prices that we pay today for harming the earth and tell the stories of the people who dare to try and reduce the damages of this ever-increasing disaster.

  • Paris in Harlem

    International Films Paris in Harlem United States, 2022, 111 min Director: Christina Kallas Language & Subtitles: English; subtitles in Hebrew Writer: Christina Kallas Producers: Christina Kallas, Josh Mandel Cast: Vandit Bhatt, Leon Addison Brown, Ellie Foumbi, Laura Pruden, Souleymane Sy Savane Production: Festivals: Slamdance, Cinequest, Munich Screenings: Thur. 1.12 | 22:15 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets Sat. 10.12 | 14:15 | Cinematheque 4 Tickets In 1926, New York City banned dancing in restaurants and bars, as part of an attempt to regulate and restrict black life. Now, just before this antiquated law is repealed, a series of characters from all parts of American society, from an academic lecturer to two outlaws, find themselves inside a bar in the Harlem neighborhood of New York, and discover how a single gunshot will forever change their lives. In the film by director Christina Callas, the story of Harlem is sometimes depicted as a surprising and rhythmic jazz song, centered on a musical, human and political drama: a straight line connects the racist law of 1926 and the tensions, violence and racism that exist in New York today. ​

  • Atomic Hope

    International Films Atomic Hope Ireland, 2022, 82 min Director: Frankie Fenton Language & Subtitles: English. subtitles in Hebrew Producers: Frankie Fenton, Kathryn Kennedy Production: Festivals: Hot Docs, Galway Screenings: Fri. 9.12 | 21:30 | Cinematheque 1 Tickets Sat. 8.12 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 4 Tickets The climate crisis is getting out of hand, endangering the lives and safety of people around the world. In Europe, Asia and America, companies and governments are rushing to build wind turbines, solar panels, and hydropower facilities. But it is not certain that these solutions will suffice, and in the background, another solution is hovering – nuclear energy. Director Frankie Fenton's eye-opening documentary follows a small group of scientists and activists who are determined to prove that nuclear energy is humanity's last hope in the face of the climate crisis. Due to Cold War fears and the disasters in Chernobyl and Fukushima, they still encounter fierce opposition and are even removed from important climate conferences. The film examines the issue of using atomic energy in depth - between disaster and hope. ​

  • Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival

    December 2022 1-10 Festival Winners 2022 Click Here for the Full List Main Themes International Films Israeli Films

  • Erasmus in Gaza

    International Films Erasmus in Gaza Spain, 2022, 88 min Director: Chiara Avesani, Matteo Delbo Language & Subtitles: English, Italian, Arabic; subtitles in Hebrew and English Producer: Eva Fontanals Production: Festivals: Best Long Reportage Award at DIG Awards 2022 (Italy), Best Documentary Golden Nymph Award at Monte-Carlo Television Festival 2022 (Monaco), Youth Jury Award at Docs Barcelona 2022 (Spain), Millenium Film Festival 2022 (Belgium), DocsValencia 2022 (Spain), TRT Documentary Awards 2022 (Turkey), , Biografilm Festival 2022 (Italy), Galway Film Fleadh 2022 (Ireland), Primed 2022 (France), Disappear Here Film Festival 2022 (Ireland), EBS International Documentary Festival EIDF 2022 ( South Korea), Human Rights Film Festival Berlin 2022 (Germany) Screenings: Fri. 2.12 | 19:30 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets Sat. 10.12 | 18:00 | Cinematheque 1 Tickets European students who are sent to student exchange programs usually expect to be in a smiling sunny city, get to know a foreign culture and travel in a peaceful and colorful country. Ricardo, a 24-year-old student from the University of Siena, the main protagonist of the film by directors Matteo Delbò and Chiara Avesani, finds himself far from Europe: deep in the horrors unfolding in the Gaza Strip. Ricardo is the first student to arrive in Gaza as part of a student exchange program, and he soon discovers that this is not a carefree vacation. The young Italian dreams of becoming a surgeon in war zones, so for him, the journey to Gaza is a real mission. However, when another round of violence breaks out between Israel and the organizations in the Gaza Strip, Ricardo finds himself at the center of pressure, and must make difficult decisions. 10.12.22 | Opening remarks: Andrea Pontiroli, Deputy Head of the European Union Delegation to Israel

  • Short Films Competition | Solidarity 2022 Eng

    חזרה לדף הקודם Short Films Competition Cluster 1 Tue 6.12 | 16:00 | Cinematheque 2 The committee Israeli Shorts: Feature Lev Brodinsky; Israel, 2022, 4 min The year is 1994. A family of immigrants from the former Soviet Union, who currently live in a government built caravan site for immigrants, arrive at an admission committee to a community village, with hopes of bettering their lives. Tickets for Cluster 1 1/0 Scorpion Ascent Israeli Shorts: Feature Yaniv Linton; Israel, 2022, 30 min Sharp ridges. Deep canyons. Steep ascents. Extreme desert sceneries are as wide as the generation gap between a grandfather and his grandson, stuck alone in the infinite desert. Tickets for Cluster 1 1/1 Nabut Israeli Shorts: Feature Ido Chen & Ilan Bar; Israel, 2022, 29 min Nabut, lives in a cave together with his dog Bastian, staying as far away as possible from human culture, of which he committed grave injustices as a soldier. Tickets for Cluster 1 1/1 a dead sea Israeli Shorts: Feature Nahd Bashir; Israel, 2021, 12:22 min Kamel, a Palestinian man in his 50s, suffers from autism and travels with his paralyzed sister to the Dead Sea to receive medical treatment in seawater in the hopes it will treat the psoriasis that has spread through his body. Tickets for Cluster 1 1/0 קצרים 2 Cluster 2 Tue. 6.12 | 18:00 | Cinematheque 2 Living Land Israeli Shorts: Documentary Einat Weizman; Israel, 2020, 12 min The film presents the continous struggle of a small village to protect its lands against powerful colonial forces. The inhabitants of Al-Araqib sit on the lands that were purchased by their ancestors in the northern Naqab. Despite that, the State of Israel defines them as invaders and wages a decades long war of attrition against the villagers, in the attempt to expel them as part of the process of Judaisation and forestation of the Naqab. The film is part of an ongoing artistic collaboration between Aziz A-Turi from Al-Araqib, and Einat Weizman. The film was first presented in the exibition "Dissensus" at Tel Aviv Museum. Tickets for Cluster 2 1/0 Umm al-Hiran Israeli Shorts: Documentary Ruqayah Abu al-Qian & Ayshah Abu al-Qian; Israel, 2022, 11:30 min Ruqaya and Ayshah document their lives and forced expulsion from their home in the unrecognized Bedouin village of Umm al-Hiran. Their cameras capture their daily lives in a village with no connection to water and electricity supply. Tickets for Cluster 2 1/0 Corridors Israeli Shorts: Documentary Karmit Zilberman; Israel, 2021, 20:17 min The story of refugees stuck between walls and doors. Faiz, Sadiq and Nabila are part of thousands of refugees who fled in 2015 from Syria, Afghanistan, Pakistan and other war-torn countries to a place of safety. Tickets for Cluster 2 1/0 Father Tongue Israeli Shorts: Feature Ivgeny Gashinsky; Israel, 2022, 18 min A non-functional relationship between a deaf child and his hard-working father, who struggles to accept his son's deafness. Tickets for Cluster 2 1/1 Teeth Israeli Shorts: Feature Alma Ganihar; Israel, 2022, 18 min Lily, 25, suffers from intense toothache. the dentist tells her she must extract all her teeth and replace them with implants. There's nothing she wants more than that but in order to get the money for the dental care, she must face her traumatic past. Tickets for Cluster 2 1/1

  • מלאך מקומי

    Tribute to Udi Aloni Local Angel Israel, 2002, 70 min Director: Udi Aloni Language & Subtitles: English, Arabic, Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew and English Festivals: Jerusalem International Film Festival 2002, Toronto International Film Festival 2002, Berlin International Film Festival 2002 "Local Angel", a film described by philosopher Slavoj Zizek as "A masterpiece", is not an easy work to characterize. It's a deeply personal odyssey of discovery, and a surreal work of art combining poetry, music, and images both beautiful and horrific. While its subtitle is "Theological Political Fragments," the film ends by tying its many elements together in ways the viewer may not expect. Moved by the destruction on Sept. 11 Aloni returned to Israel/ Palestine to grapple with the concepts of sacrifice and the sacred embedded in the history of a much more ancient edifice - the Temple Mount. The heart of the film is Udi's effort to understand the theological-political background he inherited from his mother, Shulamit Aloni. Images of mutations of Walter Benjamin's angel haunt the film from beginning to end. "Local Angel" is both challenging to the observer, and deeply moving. It is a generous, lush, imaginative Screening and Conversation with PM Aida Touma-Suleiman and Dr. Ayelet Maoz Amal's Photo Credit: Ilan Besor Firas's Photo Credit: Angie Assal Screenings: Wed. 7.12 | 18:00 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets

  • Lyra

    International Films Lyra Great Britain, 2022, 91 min Director: Alison Millar Language & Subtitles: English; subtitles in Hebrew Producers: Alison Millar, Jackie Doyle Production: Festivals: Sheffield DocFest (Tim Hetherington Award), Cork International Film Festival, Giffoni, Achill Island Screenings: Tue. 6.12 | 20:00 | Cinematheque 1 Tickets Sat. 10.12 | 12:15 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets With deep roots in the working class of war-torn Belfast, Lyra McKee became a nationally renowned investigative journalist. She did not cease to expose the consequences of the conflict days in Northern Ireland and demanded a proper response to the crimes that were forgotten after the peace agreement. Her life was cut short in 2019, when she was murdered during riots by members of the IRA organization opposing the Good Friday Agreement. Director Alison Miller, McKee's best friend, used her recordings and interviews with her family members to create a moving and touching film that brings Lyra McKee's story to the screen in her own words. 6.12.22 | Screening and Conversation with 'Mekomit' Magazine and Hagar Shezaf, Hulud Masalha and Oren Ziv. Host: Meron Rapoport

  • Four Shorts about the Occupation

    Special Event Four Shorts about the Occupation 1982-2006 Director: Special Event Language & Subtitles: Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew TBA Production: Festivals: TBA Screenings: Sat. 10.12 | 20:15 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets ​ Tickets Photo Credit: Nachum Mochiach In this special event held in commemoration of film director and scholar Judd Ne'eman, we offer an opportunity to watch rarely screened four Israeli shorts about the occupation of the West Bank and participate in a discussion organized in collaboration with the Israeli Filmmakers Forum Against the Occupation. The film program: The Night the King Was Born, Dir.: Judd Neeman (1982, 12 min) Souvenirs from Hebron, Dir.: Shimon Dotan (1982, 13 min) First Reel, a Film by Ilan Shaul and Nachum Mochiach (1981, 12 min) Road, Dir. Nadav Lapid (2005, 17 min) Why do Israeli narrative films run away from dealing with the occupation? Do filmmakers have a political role? Is Isreal allowed to bring politics into state supported film funds and the production process, or is it already there anyway? And what is the role played by film festivals, distributors and broadcasters? These questions have come up again and again since the beginning of the occupation - and in the last months. In this special event held in commemoration of film director and scholar Judd Ne'eman, we offer an opportunity to watch rarely screened four Israeli shorts that deal with the occupation of the West Bank from different perspectives: Two films produced and shown by "Tzavta" in 1983, "First Reel" by Ilan Shaul and Nachum Mochiach, and an early film by Nadav Lapid, "Road". Following the screening we will hold a discussion moderated by Noam Sheizaf with Prof. Raya Morag, Taufiq Abu Wael and Alma Ganihar. Introductory remarks: Dr. Shmuel Duvdevani


    Israeli Films NAFKOT - YEARNING Israel, 2022, 70 min Director: Malka Shabtay Language & Subtitles: Amharic and English; subtitles in Hebrew and English Producer: Malka Shabtay Editing: Miri Laufer Camera: Noemie & Sylvain Biegeleisen On Line: Avi Levy Sound: Nir Gavish Music: Sefi Zisling Production: Festivals: BELIFF - Be Epic! Film Fest LONDON American Jewish Film Festival 2022 - Best Documentary and Best Israeli Film Paris Women Film Festival - Best Producer Award Cannes World Film Festival - Best Jewish Film Award, Best Documentary Award Screenings: Sun. 4.12 | 17:00 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets ​ Tickets ​ An Israeli anthropologist travels to meet a hidden Jewish community in northern Ethiopia. Together with the members of the community, they tell the story of their survival against all odds. They arrive at the first hidden synagogue of the community and get to participate in the holy red heifer ritual that has been preserved since the days of the First Temple. 4.12.22 | Israeli Premiere and Conversation with the Filmmakers

  • East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem

    Israeli Films East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem Israel, 2014, 80 min Director: Erez Miller, Henrique Cymerman Language & Subtitles: English, Arabic, Hebrew; subtitles in Hebrew and English Producer: Gidi Avivi Cinematography: Issa Freij, Ohad Milstein, Erez Miller Film Editor: Erez Miller Music: David Broza, Steve Earle Writers: Gidi Avivi, David Broza, Henrique Cymerman Production: Festivals: Woodstock Film Festival, Palm Beach International Film Festival, San Francisco Jewish Film Festival, Other Israel Film Festival, Jerusalem Jewish Film Festival, San Diego Jewish Film Festival, Santa Cruz Jewish Film Festival, Washington Jewish Film Festival, Maine Jewish Film Festival, Seattle Jewish Film Festival, Baltimore Jewish Film Festival, Chicago Jewish Film Festival, Westchester Jewish Film Festival, Festival of Tolerance (Zagreb Jewish Film Festival and Ljubljana Jewish Film Festival), Religion Today Film Festival, Jewish Motifs International Film Festival, Film Score and the Scruffy City Film and Music Festival – Best Soundtrack Award Screenings: Wed. 7.12 | 20:30 | Cinematheque 2 Tickets ​ Tickets ​ Special Screening and a Meeting with David Broza In early 2013 Israeli singer-songwriter David Broza went to a Palestinian studio in East Jerusalem, together with American, Israeli and Palestinian musicians – including Steve Earle, Mira Awad and Muhammad Mughrabi – pursuing his years-old dream to make music a bridge-builder between Palestinians and Israelis. 8 days and 8 nights of music, food, and camaraderie produce a groundbreaking album, "East Jerusalem, West Jerusalem", and a unique story. After the Screening there will be a Meeting with David Broza

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