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  • Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival

    Solidarity Festival 2023 The special edition of the 2023 Solidarity Festival was held for eight days under the distress and dark shadow of the events of October 7 and the war in Gaza and northern Israel. The 11th edition of the Solidarity Festival took place out of a sense of commitment to the themes and founding values ​​of the festival, aiming to provoke though about what happened to us and the path we must walk on right now. We would like to thank the Israeli and international filmmakers for the privilege to screen their films, the thousands of viewers who attended the festival events, and all of our partners who made it possible for us to hold the 2023 Solidarity Festival at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque and five other locations throughout Israel. We will be pleased to see you at our events throughout 2024 and at the 12 th Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival, which will be held in December on 5-10.12.2024, in the hope of strengthening in Israel a commitment to human rights and to quality cinematic work, of which human rights are part of its DNA. ​ Click Here for the full list of Solidarity Festival 2023 Competition Winners​ International Films Israeli Films About the Festival Solidarity Human Rights Film Festival is a unique event that raises awareness on significant socio-political issues through screenings of groundbreaking films on human rights in Israel and around the world, films that promote peace, democracy and human rights alongside equality and social justice. This is the 11th edition of the festival, and given the situation in Israel and around the world, it seems that the need for its existence is clearer than ever. Solidarity, the only Israeli film festival fully dedicated to human rights, takes place at the Tel Aviv Cinematheque since 2010. The Festival's program shows award-winning narrative and documentary films, providing contexts for issues related to social and political struggles, among them: democracy, globalization, refugees and asylum seekers, the occupation of the West Bank and the Basic Law: Israel as the Nation-State of the Jewish People, hunger, poverty and food security, women’s rights, LGBTQ rights, children's rights, freedom of speech, freedom of the press, environmental justice and the climate crisis.

  • SFF24 | Solidarity Film Festival 2024

    Submissions for the Film Competitions of the 2024 Solidarity Festival are now open. For additional information: You are invited to stay updated through our Facebook Page and sign up to our Newsletter . Solidarity 2021 Solidarity 2022 Solidarity 2023 © All Rights Reserved to Solidarity Human Rights FF 2015-2024

  • Shorts Documentary Competition

    Play Shorts Competition Screenings: Mon 25.12 | 18:45 | Jaffa theatre Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2023 Director: Roni Livneh and Dr. Ariel Linveh Yaniv Berman Shira Green Einav Bar Language and Subtitles: Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: ​ Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Shorts Documentary Competition Roni Livneh and Dr. Ariel Linveh: An Attack Without A Terrorist / Israel, 28 min / Yaniv Berman: Burning Democracy / Israel, 21 min Shira Green: Who is like You / Israel, 39.5 min Einav Bar: The Scene / Israel, 3 min Participation in the event is open to creators, staff members, and invited guests. Reservation is required through prior registration at . Please specify the number of seats you wish to reserve in your application.

  • Young Creators Competition

    Play Young Creators Competition Screenings: Thur 28.12 | 11:00 | Hall 3 Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2023 Director: ​ Language and Subtitles: Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: ​ Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Young Creators Competition Solidarity Film Festival's Young Creators Competition Young Cinematographers: We welcome participation from creators, staff members, and invited guests at the event. To secure your attendance, please reserve your spot in advance by registering at . Please indicate the number of seats you would like to reserve in your application.

  • פסטיבלים קודמים | פסטיבל סולידריות

    פסטיבלים קודמים סולידריות 2021 סולידריות 2019 סולידריות 2020 סולידריות 2018

  • A Story Of Bones

    Play International Documentary Films Screenings: Mon 25.12 | 11:00 | Hall 4 Tickets ​ Tickets UK, 2022, 95 min Director: Joseph Curran, Dominic Aubrey de Vere Language and Subtitles: English, Subtitles in Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: ​ Festivals: Tribeca Film Festival, The Hague Movies that Matter Festival Prizes: ​ A Story Of Bones Ghosts haunt the project of building an airport in Saint Helena, a remote Atlantic isle where Napoleon died in exile. Project consultant Annina Van Neal discovers the site covers a mass grave of thousands of African slaves. She further finds out that the sovereign, Britain, has been concealing it for centuries. Motivated by her guilt for contributing to the project, she teams with conservation expert Peggy King Jorde, and tells the world about one of the last remains of the massive Atlantic slave trade. Facing a wall of indifference and suspicion, they struggle to commemorate the victims and turn the airport into a world heritage site. ​

  • Winners 2023

    Festival's Competition Winners Jury: Prof. Dan Geva (Chair), Yariv Mozer, Sigal Rosh Shorts Feature Competition: First Place Yuri’s Galaxy Director: Noemie Biegeleisen Producer: Sylvain Biegeleisen Jury Statement: Against the background of one of the greatest tragedies of our time, the film succeeds in creating a moving, touching allegory, saturated with magic, creativity, and courage that illuminates the war in Ukraine in a humane and unusual light. The jury wishes to praise the extraordinary acting of the group of children, the heroes of the film. Information Shorts Documentary Competition: First Place An Attack Without a Terrorist Director and Producer: Roni Livneh Jury Statement: The film sheds an enlightening factual light on an explosive affair that agitated Israeli society and succeeds in discovering the truth, despite the attempts to hide the facts by law enforcement officials, while demonstrating a fine journalistic investigation. Information Students Feature Competition: First Place Siba Director: Donna Hawa Producer: Liya Elbashan Jury Statement: "Siba" brings to the screen a story about the prohibition of love in Arab society with sensitivity, tenderness, compassion and authenticity. The film depicts an explosive situation and manages to create great intimacy with complex characters while evoking renewed thought and deep identification in the viewer's heart. Information Students Feature Competition: Special Mention for Animation The Pain You Left Director: Eden Damti Producer: Gali Shitrit Jury Statement: The film succeeds, with the help of touching, minimalistic and careful animation, to touch an open and painful wound of Israeli society. Information Shorts Feature Competition: Special Mention In Service of the King Director: Brachi Haisherik, Producers: Alona Refua, Roni Shamiss, Maya Fischer, Gal Greenspan, Roi Kurlan, Boaz Vexler Jury Statement: The film gives an intimate glimpse into a closed world, far from the eye. A minor plot in a small room develops a heart-wrenching drama that honestly and sensitively illuminates the world of women in ultra-Orthodox society. The jury would like to praise the acting of the two main actors, for their meticulous and realistic work. Information Shorts Documentary Competition: Special Mention Burning Democracy Director: Yaniv Berman Producer: Josh Yablon Jury Statement: "Burning Democracy" is awarded Special Mention for its commitment to historical and social documentation, in real time, and for having the courage to be with a camera near the dramatic events that shaped the story of the State of Israel in 2023. Information Students Feature Competition: Special Mention Father's Son Director and Producer: Nadan Pines Jury Statement: "Son of" is awarded Special Mention for its sophisticated direction, meticulous production, and mastery of the art of cinematic storytelling that bring to the screen a poignant social parable for the problem of corruption in Israeli politics. The story of the initiation of the father and the son, as much as it is based on force, creates moral decay - all this directed by a wonderful team of actors who do their best to convey the complex world with sensitivity. Information Students Documentary Competition: First Place 88 My Love Director: Yana Riahi Producer: Barak Stern Jury Statement: The film sweeps viewers into a civil, cultural and political struggle with integrity and professional fairness. The filmmaker conveys the unique charm of the 88FM music radio station struggling to preserve its multi-faceted character through a firm stand on the public's right to independent broadcasting. Information Young Creators Competition Young Creators Competition: 3rd Place Keren Or (Ray of Hope) Branco Weiss, Beit Hashmonai Guiding Teacher: Itai Shlemberg, Directors: Assaf Amar & Or Oron, Producers: Or Oron, Cinematography: Itai Agmon, Editor: Assaf Amar Jury Statement: The winning film is a high-quality and impressive film, both in terms of its content and messages and from a cinematic point of view. The film succeeds in combining a personal story with a broader narrative of a social struggle for victims of sects, using diverse cinematic means. The film succeeds in conveying important and relevant messages to the theme of the festival - solidarity with victims, and a call for joint action for social change and preventing harm to others. And on the other hand, the film has another important message, that being victimized by a cult can happen to anyone. This film was chosen for first place because it combines important issues with quality film work, it is a film that motivates, and deals with a place of social change and does not focus on the victims. The youth who join the performance are presented as partners in the struggle on the subject, and the combination of many arts adds a layer to the film, the painting, the play, the singing, the performance in protest, all together create a relevant, interesting, high-quality movie on a cinematic level and even exciting. Information Young Creators Competition: 2nd Place The Vengeance Ort School Gan Yavne Guiding teacher: Amiram Romem, Director: Ofir Tal, Producers: Ofir Tal, Shai-Lee Mordechai, Cinematographer: Eviyatar Aharon, Editor: Noam Nachaissi Jury Statement: The film deals with the important issue of bullying at school, while conveying a message of regret. The script emphasizes two contrasting central characters that shape the conflict well. The casting and camerawork are of high quality, and the direction is creative and interesting. Information Young Creators Competition: 1st Place Silent Cry Meitarim Branco Weiss High School Guiding teacher: Talia Jackson, Director, producer and editor: Ariel Ben Aharon, Cinematographer: Noa Grimberg Jury Statement: This is an original and high-quality work, which makes interesting use of interviews and dramatic elements to illuminate a complex personal story. The focus on mental health and trauma treatment links the film to an important issue of social solidarity. The film raises awareness of the difficulty experienced by people with mental limitations, and shows that they need society's support, understanding and help. We appreciate this original work, the cinematography and editing as well as the choice of characters. The involvement of the young filmmaker was authentic and the decision to use actors playing certain scenes based on his research enriched the entire film. Information

  • Disco Boy

    Play סרטים בינלאומיים עלילתיים Screenings: ​ Tickets ​ Tickets France/Belgium/Italy/Poland, 2023, 91 min Director: Giacomo Abbruzzese Language and Subtitles: French, English, Igbo, Polish, Subtitles in English and Hebrew Cast: Production: Lionel Massol, Pauline Seigland Production: ​ Festivals: 73rd Berlin International Film Festival Prizes: ​ Disco Boy After a long journey, Aleksei arrives in Paris and decides to join the Foreign Legion. On the Niger River Delta, Jomo fights oil multinationals that threaten life in his village. While he is at the head of an armed group, one day he kidnaps French citizens. To intervene is a command of the Foreign Legion, led by Aleksei. ​

  • Running on the Sand

    Play Israeli Films Screenings: ​ Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2023, 104 min Director: Adar Shafran Language and Subtitles: Hebrew, English, Tigrinya, Subtitles in Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: ​ Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Running on the Sand When a young Eritrean refugee deported from Israel is mistaken for the new foreign player of a struggling football team, his survival depends on the team's success. ​

  • Street Smart

    Play Israeli Films Screenings: ​ Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2022, 108 min Director: Erez Tadmor Language and Subtitles: Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: ​ Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Street Smart In the last days of the Spanish Civil War, Carlos, whose Republican father was killed in battle, is left by his guardian at the Santa Lucia orphanage. The bleak building conceals not only the adults’ dissolute relationships, but also the ghost of a boy who seems bent on making contact with Carlos. ​

  • Lost Angeles- Documentary Musical

    Play Homage to the South Screenings: Wed 27.12 | 18:00 | Jaffa Cinema Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2022, 76 min Director: Sharon Yaish, Golan Rise Language and Subtitles: Hebrew, Subtitles in English and Hebrew Cast: ​ Production: Produced by Haggai Arad, Aharon Peer, Elad Peleg- Daroma Productions Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Lost Angeles- Documentary Musical In Kiryat Malachi, Los Angeles's twin city, the dreams were left behind. For the past 30 years, Yosef Hurriye sits in his chaotic, messy watch shop fixing clocks. Yosef was the town's genius, but the town he grew up in is no place for geniuses. Today he is 60. With mounting debts and looming local elections, he decides it's time to fight for the town and his life. Against all odds he decides to run for office as a one-man party, to right wrongs and give Kiryat Malachi a future. ​

  • Freedom Runners

    Play Homage to the South Screenings: Thur 28.12 | 14:30 | Hall 3 Tickets ​ Tickets Israel, 2016, 50 min Director: David Wachsmann Language and Subtitles: Hebrew, Subtitles in English Cast: Rotem Genossar, Rachel Gebretsadik, Ramzi AbdulJaber Production: Produced by Gidi Avivi Festivals: ​ Prizes: ​ Freedom Runners Rotem Genossar, 31, is a teacher at the Bialik-Rogozin school in south Tel Aviv. His students are refugees and asylum-seekers from different African countries. Two years ago, Rotem founded a youth running group for refugees who fled their homelands and are living in Israel with their families but lack legal status. At first running was just a social activity for the students, but it quickly became a way of life for them and way for them to fight for their civil rights. Two of the more talented and prominent members of the team are Rachel Gebretsadik, 16, from Eritrea and Ramzi AbdulJaber, 17, from Darfur. Since Israel does not recognize Rachel and Ramzi as refugees, they don’t have equal rights and are not recognized as Israel’s champions. Rotem and his students set out on a struggle to secure them a place and a status of their own, aiming to pull them out of the margins of Israeli society. ​

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