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International Feature Films


Sun 31.12 | 22:00 | Hall 2

בלגיה/צרפת, 2023 82 min


Paloma Sermon-Daï

Language and Subtitles:

French, Subtitles in English and Hebrew


Purdey Lombet, Makenzy Lombet, Louise Manteau



Cannes, Champs-Elysées FF


French Touch Prize of the Critics' Week Jury

It's Raining in the House

In a Belgian resort town beside a sun-swept lake, Purdey and her little brother Makenzy are alone. Years after their alcoholic father disappeared, their mother now left without warning. Their tiny house is falling apart, but the two – portrayed by real-life siblings – can’t afford to fix it. They struggle to survive in a town that offers no livelihood except for serving or robbing rich tourists. Purdey wonders whether to go on working as a cleaner or follow her dream and study nursing. As her 18th birthday draws near, she has to decide whether to leave and grow up quickly, or stay with her brother – young for another summer.

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